Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the cutest dance recital there ever was

i think i mentioned earlier that Ellie is in dance.
she loves dance.
let me rephrase that:
she lovveeesssss dance!
she talks about it all the time.
she dances everywhere.
or twirls everywhere.
or rolls everywhere (probably her favorite thing about dance class).
and she has theee cutest teacher ever.
one who somehow gets a group of 2-3 year old little girls to do what she asks them to do.
and gets them to love doing it, too.
and this cute dance teacher organized the cutest little dance recital for us proud moms & dads & grandmas to come and oogle and awe over our little ballerinas-in-training.
now, i should mention: Ellie is very serious about her dancing.
this is no joking matter.
and  no smiling matter either.
getting a smile during dance is like trying to make a pb+j without the j- just foolish talk.
so, most of these pic's depict our very-serious-ballerina-in-training Ellie.
 {Ellie rolling on the mat...nice form, nice form}
{Ellie prepping for an impressive twirl, no doubt}
{seriously being serious out there on the dance floor...because, let's get real, dancing is serious business}
{Ellie chillin' with her fellow dancer, Kate-who wasn't so serious...but Ellie kept the stone-face goin' strong}
 {ooooooh, is that a smile!?}
{"no way mom. smiling's for sissies. i'm too busy hangin' out with my dancing peeps to smile."}
 {"but i will give you a thumbs up. because i did pretty dang good out there."}

Ellie, will you please just smile??

{fine. this fake half smile will have to do.}

we love her so much.
and are so happy she has found something like dance that she loves so much.
hope you enjoy a little peek from the show!



Courtney said...

So freaking cute Marci!!!

Linda said...

I am crying. Why? Not sure. My guess is: Joy. Childhood is a beautiful thing! Oh, can I just thank you so very, very, very much for sharing and taking the time to keep us a part of these wonderful moments. You are a treasure.
Twirl your way home carefully. Can't wait! Besitos, Tu Madre

The Peterson's said...

So cute! Boys just are not the same!But don't get me wrong I LOVe my little guy!

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

aaaaaaw! that's the age group that i taught dance to last year and i miss those little gals so much. i love that she is finding something that she loves at such an early age. what a rockstar. your little e is so hilarious to adorable. how i love her and you (and little alice)
miss you.
happy christmas time!

The Ostlers said...

LOVE that thumbs up picture :) What a doll!

Mat and Brooke said...

She's as cute as ever, Marce! What a sweet little recital. It looks like she's a part of such a cute little dance school!

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

That is so cute!! I want to get Rylee in Dance and this just made me want to even more!!

Joni and Rico Adams said...

I think that's the cutest thing I ever did see. She does look way into it- following the teachers every move. This makes me want to have dozens of little girls right this minute.

Chappie said...

She's got real talent! That was so fun to watch. It was so fun to meet Alice and play with Ellie last week. I miss you guys!