Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tequila & stuff.

one time, M went to Mexico when he was in high school with his family...and he got to be in a boxing fight...you know, with those big, ridiculously huge boxing gloves that make you look like a cartoon. well, anyway, he won the boxing match, and for his prize, those lovely Mexicanos gave him a bottle of tequila. i don't even think he was 16. i love Mexico.

and tomorrow, we're headed there yet again.
::happy grin smooths across face::
i. am. so. excited.

excited to disappear for a whole week.
excited to drink unlimited supplies of pina coladas.
excited to dance to mariachi music.
excited to eat authentic salsa and guacaholymole.
excited to read under the palapas (the cool mexican umbrellas) to the sound of the ocean.
excited to dig my toes in the warm sand and play in the salty water.
excited to get a slightly darker shade of pale.
excited to hear Ellie giggle while playing in the sand and see her cute diaper bum in a bathing suit all week.
excited to smell sunscreen and oil everywhere.
excited to dig my rusty espanol out of that bottom drawer and give it a little practice.
excited to take a gazillion pictures...i'm pretty good at doing that. 
excited to see M every day for a whole week.
excited to spend some quality family time together.
just. plain. excited.

so, here's to disappearing... & tequila.
(because i hear in Mexico, those go hand in hand. even though i wouldn't really know).

{in Mexico back in June 2005...on our honeymoon (aweeee)}



Megs said...

How fun! I hope you enjoy yourself (but of course you will!). You must be going to one of the tourist-y beaches, because we were going to go to Mexico City where Tim served his mission but the situation in Mexico was too scary & so we postponed until further notice :) Love the picture, too - good memories!

The Fredy Family said...

Have an amazing time! So jealous!!!

Linda said...

Que se diviertan uchisimo, y que puedan encontrar nuevas memorias! Les enviamos un abrazote a lo cubano!
Te amo!

jenny said...

love the honeymoon pic. have a great trip!

John and SJ said...

So jealous! Have fun!!!

Ashley said...

Have so much fun!!! Authentic guacamole and salsa + beaches = paradise. Loves.

Megan said...

That sounds like SO much fun! I hope you can soak it all in! Enjoy!

Heather said...

Warmth sounds nice about now. We have been sitting through soccer games in the rain, wind and hail! Have a great time.

Jordan and Candice said...

I'm so glad I found your adorable blog. Now I can see how cute you still are on your wonderful little family.

Lacey Jay said...

Hey Marce, this is really random but I remember seeing out your blog a post when Ellie first arrived and Brooke came over and took some candid pictures of you on your guys bed. I remember loving them. I want to do something similar with my newest addition, so I've looked everywhere on your blog and hers but can't find that post:( Is it still somewhere on your blog?