Saturday, January 23, 2010

the do's and don'ts of being home alone.

well, this last week, i unfortunately weathered the storm, all by my lonesome (quite literally actually, as every morning i woke up to hearing rain fall from my window…pretty romantic…in a lonely sorta way). you see, M’s parents were enjoying a wonderful excursion to Mexico—and M tried to enjoy (as much as you can enjoy work and stuff) a work-ful excursion to Arizona…which left me and E alone in this big house.

sounds cool to you, huh? well it is, for the first 10 minutes…heck even the first day or two. you get to do things your own way, you get to cook whatever the heck you want (or not even cook at all) to your own little heart’s content, you can walk around in your undies (something i haven’t done in a LONG time),  and you can go to bed whenever the heck you want. but then after those first couple of days you realize: you’re not sure exactly what your own way is anymore, you kind of like cooking for someone else…especially since going through all the hassle for just yourself just isn’t as cool, you feel somewhat embarrassed about the whole undies thing, and you feel so creeped out in the night time that neither staying up late nor going to bed early remedies the situation. sigh.  still, M has gone out of town quite a bit lately- so i thought i’d share some of my do’s and don’ts  of being home alone.

(side note: some of my do’s are things that i do, but aren’t things you necessarily should do. does that even make sense? is there a difference? i’d argue it does …and there is).


get a good book to read while the Mr. is away. reading is such a good way to get lost in another world and forget about your own loneliness. thanks to my all-star friend Bec, i picked up this lovely find this last week:

and yes, i think you should read it. it’s a beautiful book.


read creepy news stories in the newspaper or on the net. they will make you paranoid. and they will make you think you are hearing things in your house while you are reading them.


get into a new t.v. show…or rewatch an old one you love, and then play those bad-boys to drown out the silence. this last week, i rewatched a season of Gilmore Girls, recorded and watched several episodes of Clean House (so that i could fast-forward to the good parts- like knowing how much mula they made at the garage sale and seeing the reveal of the house), and watched several other HGTV shows and DIY shows. (these were all in addition to my regularly scheduled shows. wow, i’m shallow).


watch 24. that would be stupid. just flipping through the channels and hearing the sound of the timer beeping gave me the willies. i love watching Jack…but man he gives me nightmares.


run up the stairs…as fast as you can…every.single.time. seriously. it’ll make you feel better. oh, and be sure to check over your shoulder once or twice to make sure nobody’s there. that’ll make you feel better too.


turn out all the lights. unless you want to really be creeped out.


check friends’ blogs and facebook each day. it will make you remember that you do have friends out there somewhere. (or if you are lucky enough to live nearby friends, you could get together with them too. i’m still working on taking friendships to that next level of “hanging out” out here….it takes time. Sigh.). or calling them works too. thanks to my friends/family out there who call/text me, even if i don’t always respond (having a toddler who thinks my phone is her phone really makes the whole “talking on the phone” thing quite difficult).


blog about being home alone until you aren’t home alone anymore. maybe i’m becoming too cynical, but think of all the creepers out there. as much as i was tempted to update my facebook status to say “feeling lonely and loserish without the hubs and my fam tonight” i kept thinking of some wack job reading that status and then finding me and taking me to Europe like in that movie Taken.


treat yourself to treats. but not until the night time. it's like a little reward for making it through one more day all alone. i personally tried a couple new recipes (ones that i either wanted to try but not worry about it not turning out or whether or not someone else would like it...or maybe it was that i just didn't want to have to share with anybody) and also took E out for some girls' nights frozen yogurt time. she loved that. and i won't lie, i loved it too.


worry about the extra calories. seriously- just throw those resolutions out the window. and give yourself a break. you deserve it. you've been with the kid alone all day...or maybe you've just braved the storm all alone all day. you're awesome for that.


dress up in your old Prom gown and pretend that you are attending the Golden Globes.


show anyone a picture of that dressing up...because that would be embarrassing and awkward.

ok, now i'm getting embarrassed about my do's and don'ts. so i'll stop.
but you get the idea. 



Amber said...

Ha. That Golden Globes thing was hilarious! And I totally get the whole checking-your-back-as- you-run-up-the-stairs thing. Being alone makes you imagine the craziest things.

Glad you survived, you super-mom you.

Ashley said...

Haha. You're too cute. I absolutely LOVED The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society. Seriously one of my favorites.

Courtney said...

I went and bought that book months ago and have never read it, I read the first page but just never picked it up again. I guess I should go read it now. I wish I could have been there to keep you company while you were alone. I hope we can see you guys soon!

Becca said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Funniest post ever. haha. HGTV is glorious don't you think? Did you really dress up for the golden globes? Cause if you did that might be the coolest thing ever. I have made Travis watch both the golden globes and SAG awards because I love seeing the beautiful dresses. Love you!!! March is just around the corner & you know what that means:)

{amy k.} said...

I've been meaning to check that book out- I've heard good things.

and I've made the mistake of 24 alone.... and I know exactly what you mean about just the beeping freaking you out.

oh- and I've ran up the stairs really fast and peeked over my shoulder too, but never done the prom dress thing- might have to give that a try! :)

Sounds like you survived wonderfully friend!

The Hurst Family said...

So I got all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls for our family for Christmas even though it didn't come until January 14th. I found a new series on hulu that I think you'd love for the next time Mike is gone. It's Being Erica. I watched the whole first season in 2 days so I'd be ready for season 2 that started this last week. Try it. I think you'll like it. The girls reminds me of you a little bit. In looks at least. Love you.

Linda said...

Ok. Another great post. And I am definitely trying some of those do's and don'ts! I am just not sharing when. Missing you always.

Amy W said...

Here's my don't when I'm home alone: Don't wash your face with your eyes closed... way scary!

ThE oLdHaM's said...

Marci I love that book! It is possible my most favorite book!

Clay and Jenna said...

Great list. I never tell anyone {outside of family} when I'll be home alone. And I don't publicize when we're going somewhere in hopes that crazies wont break into my home. I never knew how fast I could run up the stairs. I was also completely hyperventilating/out of breath by the time I made it up 'cause I would hold my breath the whole way up. Another idea you can put glass bottles in front of the door 'cause then you'll hear it if someone opens it up:)
I LOVED Geurnsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society. Have you read Hunger Games and Catching Fire? If you are on a reading kick please read those. Seriously. You will not be disappointed and I would dare say they will top your list of favorites. Glad you survived.

Shell said...

I love that rainy picture, where is it from? Whenever I take the time to stumble on your blog I am greatly rewarded. I wish we were real friends.

Megs said...

Oh. My. Word. We need to live next door to each other. We would be the nearest of friends when our husbands were out of town! This list pretty much summed up my life while the hubby is away & was, as always, an enjoyable read. You're neat :)

Kimberly said...

Oh Marce I miss you! I loved your blog. I laughed about your dressing up for the Golden Globes. I wish I could see those pictures and maybe even have dressed up with you. :)

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

I want to see the picture of you in your prom dress dressed up for the Golden Globes :)

I'm glad we all do these wacky things to keep us sane when we are alone. At least you had your cute little E to keep you company and go with you out to frozen yogurt. A digital hug *tight squeeze* from the Millers.