Thursday, September 17, 2009

why can't i keep some electronic device working for longer than two seconds?

i broke my second computer in four months.
let's clarify:
ellie broke my second computer in four months.
let me clarify once again:
i let ellie touch my computer, who then came and whacked my screen all the way to a flat position...when it should lock in place, thus ripping the screws out of the bottom and disconnecting my keyboard from my computer screen.

i sent it in today to get fixed.

i'm not totally convinced that mailing a computer to some random individual in wisconsin is going to repair my computer issues without incurring a few more problems on it's shipping voyage. i mean, really. it just doesn't seem too logical.

but anyway.

i'm feeling a little...lost...without my lil computer world right by my side at any given moment in the day. in fact, i just sneaked off right after dinner to "put ellie to bed" (takes five minutes) and am now using hubby M's computer while he doesn't need it..i feel like the young teenager i once was who only got a limited amount of internet time...and so i would sneak down after everyone would be asleep and dial-up that 50 lb beast so that i could chat to my cool friends just a little longer. i'm starting to realize, my computer/internet addiction may be more severe than i thought.

and so i may just have to get to know all the nearby internet cafes, their best drinks, and nearby libraries for the next the next two weeks while it gets fixed.
 you heard me.
two weeks.

send your good technology karma my way.
because i need it.
boy do i need it.



Ashley said...

If you're husband is upset about your computer breaking habits, have him call my husband. He'll feel better after hearing what I've done. I can sympathize with the computer addiction thing. The fact that I'm almost always your first commenter should be slightly embarrassing eh? lol. Alas, I embrace my addiction...Much love from Grenada to you.

Lea Tame said...

Oh no little Ellie girl! I'm always scared Joshua is going to break mine but luckily he hasn't... just my phone.

Heather said...

My school computer screen got cracked. How embarrassing having to explain it to the school tech guy! I'm feeling a little lost as well. Hope your computer comes back soon all fixed!

Linda said...

I got lost today in O.C.... and I had set the Garmin !!! Electronics stress me out!!!!!!