Friday, September 4, 2009

just the kind of conversation goin' on in our house these days

"i think of you as much as dorothy [elmo's pet fish] thinks of elmo." - M

for those of you who haven't seen elmo's world....dorothy, elmo's goldfish, thinks of elmo a lot....she imagines him doing all sorts of things: being a dog, a cat, rapunzel, a rap singer, a famous tango dancer, among many others. so pretty much, this was M's round-about-way of telling me i'm pretty stinkin' hot and that he can't get me out of his brain.

4+ years, and we've still got it.



Ju and Brack said...

Love it! You 2 are precious!

Rachel said...

I was talking to a friend of mine about Dorothy the other day. We think Dorothy is over always asking Mr. Noodle her questions. I imagine every time Elmo says, "Let's ask Mr. Noodle!" that Dorothy rolls her fishy eyes.
Mr. Noodle never knows the answer.
Poor Dorothy.

Roo said...

it's mere!!!!!!!
i miss you!!!!
i finally got a blog going so visit it and know of my forever love for you!!!!!

The said...

ahhhh!hahahaha. You are too much.

The Caldwells said...

this is quite the compliment ... abbie loves elmo world too :)