Saturday, June 6, 2009

a prescription for a happy summer:

what time is it?
summer time!
it's our vacation.
what time is it?
party time!
that's right, say it loud.
what time is it?
the time of our lives.
what time is it?
summer time!
school's out, scream and shout!

-HSM 2, as danced/sung by my kindergartners

doctor's orders: if you want to live a happy life, you must have a happy summer.
How, you ask? i have the perfect prescription for you. follow some, several, or all of the following steps.

1. don't sleep in. if you would've told me this when i was 16 i would have wanted to shoot you.but really, how can you make the best out of your summer days if you're sleeping them away??

2. since you're not sleeping in past 6:45 am, get out of bed. yes, eyes are heavy. yes body is achy. so. stretch. then, stretch again (you're probably really tight from all of that winter hibernation, including large amounts of sleep + food). go on a walk. or run. or bike ride. take in the brisk air. think, think, think. wonder to yourself, "how can i afford cute clothes without spending the big bucks?" or, "how do you wean a one-year-old?" or, "how long will it take me to get rock hard abs and a tight, firm buttox...hollywood style?" or, "why is jillian keeping that weirdo-feet-guy or wacky-wes-guitar man around?" or, "why can't i dance on SYTYCD?" or, "why am i the way i am?" (these are all the questions i ponder in the morning...basically, the point is to let your brain run free for an hour or so. feels great). after your run/jog/walk/bike-ride, think to yourself, "i'm awesome. i just woke up in the summer instead of sleeping in and burnt some serious calories. GO ME!" 

3. go check on and water your garden that you've so carefully tended to. if you haven't planted a garden, plant SOMETHING. it's weird because as a kid, gardening was a swear-word to me. it was SUCH A CHORE. now, it is soothing. relaxing. and rewarding. if you don't have any plants, go get a little pot and spend the two bucks for some mums or gardenias to go on your porch. they will brighten your day. we have a little community vegetable garden that we've headed up this year. it's been such a blast to pick out the plants, plant the plants, feed them, watch them grow... i'm really taking pride in it. little E loves it, too. well, she loves eating the dirt...and ripping the leaves off of our poor little pepper plants...we're working on that.

4. make breakfast. i am a believer that it is the most important meal of the day. i used to ALWAYS skip breakfast in high school. i think about that...and wonder, how in the world?? i can't function if i haven't eaten a good breakfast nowadays.

5. pick up. you'll feel better in a clean house. BUT: if you have a little monster like i do (who disassembles EVERY nice pile of laundry, throws out all the nicely folded towels out of the drawers, tosses out pots, pans & tupperwear all over the floor, and dumps out snacks in every crevice of our little place), don't get too stressed if its messy. let. it. go. it's summer, remember?

6. pick something fun to do to get out of the house. getting out of the house is crucial to summer happiness. here are some of our recent "get-out-of-the-house" options:

  • Seven Peaks (ELLIE LOVES IT)

  • A walk to the park

  • A walk to see the ducks
  • A get-together with friends (lunch, etc)
  • Make lunch and take it up the canyon
  • Fill up a kiddie pool- let your little monster go to town with bath toys, bouncy balls, etc. don't forget to sunblock-it-up, and to fill up the pool in the morning for warmest results. if you're feeling extra adventurous, let your monster go to town in his/her clothes.

  • Play some tennis 
  • Go on a weekend getaway...we went to Park City and had a blast taking E to the pool, going to the outlets, and M enjoyed the golfing. thanks Mom & Dad for making it possible :)

  • Go to your neighborhood community theater- there are always shows and concerts going on...i went to one of my kindergartner's ballet recital...and it was SOOO cute. The Covey Center for Arts in Provo always has things going on.
  • Go to a baseball game (it doesn't get more SUMMER-Y than that). The Salt Lake Bees have games going on all summer long...and buying tickets is super cheap if you buy ones to sit on the lawn in the outfield. they have really cute kid things going on during the games, too. i'm a baseball girl from childhood. i l.o.v.e it.

  • Play a game. like life-size chess. little monsters love it.

  • go to a birthday party. even if it's not for someone you know. summer birthday parties are da bessst.
  • Hang out with family. talk about the nba playoffs (or listen to your dad, brothers and hubby discuss the playoffs). give each other pedi's. laugh. (the more laughter, the better....helps out with the rock-hard-abs department).

  • On a rainy day or night, go to the movies. we recommend UP. i cried. but in a good way. l.o.v.e.d. it!
  • Attend a graduation. it's the hip thing to do. don't know anyone graduating? who cares- they're going on left and right. find one and cheer a random soul on to their new-found success. feel the chills go up and down your spine as you hear the graduation song.

  • Don't forget your camera to document your summer-funness.
7. somewhere in the mix of all these outings, you'll need to eat something. fruit kabobs are so cute and so de-lish. another summer thing we love to eat is regular-ol sandwiches, but put under the broiler for 2 minutes each side to give it a delicious toasty-ness. finally, bbq-ing chicken, burgers, corn, squash, and if you're lucky (or rollin' in the dough), steaks, is a perfect thing to do as the sun gets lower in the sky.

8. if you have a monster, put him/her to bed. enjoy the last bit of daylight monster-free.

9. have some alone time, or some couple time. rent a redbox. watch your favorite show (SYTYCD on weds-thurs, bachelorette on mon). talk. whatever suits.

10. if you're laying off the sugar because you're trying to be good and want to look good in that swim-suit, you can still have a variety of treats to end your day. sugar-free jello with whipped cream...berries & whipped cream...or one of our personal faves- buying the homemade popsicle thing-a-ma-bobs and filling them with crystal light. lemonade, fruit punch...for something extra yummy, throw some real fruit in the mix. oooo.

another delicious popsicle idea: buy your favorite naked juice and pour them in the popsicle thing-a-ma-bob. we love the mango one you can get at Sam's Club. WHAT. A. TREAT. and what a perfect way to end your day.

11. get ready for bed. if you want a the most enjoyable day tomorrow, get in bed by 11. say your prayers. read....whatever it is you like to read before you go to bed. think about what a wonderful day it was.

repeat steps 1-11 daily for optimal results.


dr. marci


Jill said...

You are too cute. That was a fun post. I love it! I need to improve on some of those things...namely the waking up part. I HATE waking up. I thought Summer was for relaxing and sleeping in. I guess I need to retrain my brain :)

Shane and Kenzie said...

You're so fun Marci, and always so full of WHOLESOME, GOOD, and SUPER FUN ideas! Thank you for helping to keep my spirits at anytime. :)

Megs said...

You're posts are always such a great read. :) Thanks for always brightening my day a little. :)

Ju and Brack said...

I love it! I hope you are enjoying every minute of summertime! Maybe in there we can add a little Chapman and Ricketts get together. Let me know!

P.S. You look SO good in the picture at the Bees game! Hot Mama!

Amber said...

Great plan. I might just print that off and follow it. :)

The Hurst Family said...

So I could have lived without that introduction, but I whole heartedly agree with your summertime wisdom. Kevin and I are only sleeping in an extra 1/2 hour (5:30) but I feel like I get so much done. I have a lot planned for the summer and I hope I take plenty of time to stop and smell my wonderful roses. RaeAnn

Jana and Christopher said...

Hey Marci
My sister-in-law's mother said she met you because you are in Dave Cook's ward. I loved how she explained you with the most beautiful blue eyes (I agree) and someone I cheered with-go Davis! Thanks for sharing your prescription for a happy Summer! Enjoy your last summer in Provo.

Linda said...

Loved this post. Loved the pictures.
I am going to go check on my little garden right now!
I have two beautiful daughters!!!!
See you day after tomorrow.

Ashley Myntti said...

I have loved getting up early to go running! So I will always listen to Dr. Marci! PS We need to talk so I can tell you the saga I have been through with you-know-who. I don't want to say it has concluded, but it has come to a nice resolution. Talk to you soon!

ed and kelli said...

so fun marce... ps ellie is BEAUTIFUL!! i love her 7 peaks picture:) and happy birthday little ellie!

Amy said...

Best advice I've gotten from a dr. in a long time... thanks! :)

Love all of the fun pictures!