Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tonight, my daughter ate an entire strawberry. leaves and all.

long title, i know.

but i'm still so surprised that she gulped down that whole thing. look at those gross leaves! she's just too quick for me.
and let me just add, she eats the weirdest things. all. the. time.
and she always finds the weirdest things to put in her mouth.

i remember eating weird things, too.
like dirt.
and glue.
and play dough.
and i remember my little sister eating a snail.
now that's gross.

please tell me this:
your kids gulp down yucky things, too, right?


Clay and Jenna said...

I gave JJ a strawberry today, too. Mine were cut up and I thought if I held one end he'd just knaw at it...nope with no teeth whatsoever he was able to chomp down and bite off a chunk and then proceed to chew and not let me get it out of his mouth...the grossest thing so far JJ has eaten is my hair...makes me gag thinking of it...I'm sure itll only get worse:) And oh my E is so dang cute. I adore her:)

The Fredy Family said...

My son enjoys burts bees body wash. He licks his arms every bath time. He tries to drink it straight out of the bottle. Last night my husband tasted it to see what the big deal was and he said it tasted like motor oil. My son also thinks it's ok to pick weeds and grass and eat it.

I can't believe your sister ate a snail!

Amy said...

She's so adorable- I can't believe she liked the leaves! :)

Although, I don't have kids of my own yet, I was reading a friends blog last night and I would share the link... but it's private. Anyways, she took her girls to the mall play area and saw one of the girls reach down and put something in her mouth so she ran over to get it out. After prying the little girls mouth open she pulled out a ball of "dirt".... come to find out it wasn't dirt, it was poop. YUCK! That's probably the worst I've heard...I'm sure kids have eaten more garbage then we'd imagine to be possible.

Lea Tame said...

I love this picture! So awesome.

Megan said...

I'm impressed that she munched it up well enough to get it down! When we're outside, Lila is constantly putting rocks in her mouth. Luckily she hasn't swallowed any (yet). Oh, and that fake moss that surrounds the base of fake indoor trees. She loves it.

Lynne said...

I love the picture. I love Ellie's expressions. Amazing! Babies will put anything in their mouth. Mimi and the snail though, that's pretty gross.

Lynne said...

I was just thinking about Mimi and the snail. Her taste for sophisticated, fashionable things started at an early age, didn't it? Interesting!

Linda said...

hahahahahaha! Ah! Ahahhahhhha!
I remember! I don't know who said : " No!" louder.... you or I!
One thing is for sure... we all survive those disgusting experiences and live to tell about it. Love the picture, the story and your honesty. You kids did stuff that I am taking with me to the grave!
I love you...and the motherhood, parenting stories are the best.

jenna marie said...

yum. i just accidentally bonked my newborn's head on the door. ugh bad mom moment number 1,000,000. can you see my blog? if not email me at jmrammell@gmail.com

The Peterson's said...

Kids eat all the gross things! You taught kindergarten did they eat everything in your room. I know my 1st grades did!

Montgomery Family said...

Paige is not into eating crazy things, but my niece once ate a piece of deer poop before my sister-in-law could get to her!! Now that's nasty!
Ellie is so adorable. Are you sure she's just 10 months old? She is a fast little thing. Paige is so slow at everything!! Love it either way!
Seriously those big brown eyes are to die for!! I love that you got a tutu for her b-day. I can't wait to see the pics. Paige's tutu was my favorite part of the whole day!! Don't you love having a girl?
And from one (part-time) working mom to the next, aren't you DYING for summer now. I'm so over this year and just want to be home all day and everyday!! I'm at 6 weeks and counting!!

jenna.marie said...

just curious? how has advertising gone on your blog? seen any cash? :)

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

That is such a cute picture!!! Yes kids eat crazy things and as they get older it just gets better lol.

Amber said...

My good friends baby girl was sucking so happily on something and fought her hard when she tried to see what the treat could be. My friend fished out a big gray moth. My friend was disgusted and her daughter cried and cried to get that moth back...