Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm mad at you, march.

after lovely days full of this:

and several days of this:

you brought back THIS:

{ of thee worst 4-letter-words out there}
what the heck.

i wish i could break up with you, march, and choose april instead. but unlike jason, i can wait 4 weeks to see if things will work out.

so. to boost my spirits and yours, here's this cutest video we caught of Ellie doing her latest trick: clapping.


Megan said...

Miss Ellie your clapping is excellent! What a cutie! I liked your little "Jason" comment, Marc. Hope it melts fast! Oh and I've been meaning to tell you, sweet new car!

Megs said...

I completely agree - Mother Nature is a flirt. And not a good one.

Linda said...

Oh! My goodness... so cute you are girls! I LOVE MARCH because DAD was born! I keep wanting SPRING to come, but then it means that your time to leave is getting closer... so I want it to be a LOOONG MARCH. Sorry.
I LOVE taking Ellie for walks. I am glad you got the shot of her biting the stroller. I don't know why I think that is so funny!! I love you. I am off to the hospital! I will call you!

Reena Bostock said...

It's 80 degrees here today. I'm thinking of Utah and your four letter words and I say "good-bye". Love it!

anne said...

Sounds like you guys need a trip to St. George. :) We've been in the 70s all week. ! :)

Linda said...

Ellie 's Video clapping is so cute. I have watched it many times.
Thanks for doing it! I LOVE it!

erin & phil said...

hahaha, I love your Bachelor joke. sorry about the snow. the sun will come back soon.

Lynne said...

Oh, that was soooooo adorable. Ellie is so sweet. I love the clapping and I love the smiling.