Thursday, February 26, 2009

befriend the world.

i'm a hippie at heart (minus the drugs and immorality, of course).

you see, when i was in seventh grade, my best friend carly gave me these awesome bell-bottom jeans that were her mom's in the 70's. it was love at first sight. i squeezed my little tushie in those tight bell-bottoms almost every day that fact, one day, they were on so tight, they gave me a stomach ache...and even made me barf in the ninth grade hall (how embarrassing for a little sevvie to puke in front of the big-bad ninth graders). true story.

tonight, my hippie-ness came out as i made this anti-racism poster for my Multicultural Education class. all you need is love, right?

i have a feeling that tonight i'm going to dream in kaleidoscopes with incense and wonder what it would be like to live in a yellow submarine with orange, green and yellow people, all while singing and dancing.

i guess i could just watch sesame street instead.


Linda said...

I remember that! It's true. You should post that picture of you in those awesome jeans.
Sorry to tell you, however... that you are the farthest thing from a hippie I have ever seen. Believe me!!!! hahaha People would always tell me that you reminded them of That's OK. though. you do befriend the world! Sounds like a good course, I would like that one. See you this morning. I am so excited to give you, Ellie and Mike a hug.

Megs said...

Great post! Hippies are awesome...minus the drugs and immorality. ;)

Kade & Jess said...

I totally remember those jeans. Was that the year that we had TLC for a class?

anne said...

If I remember and Jenelle Shelby were walking with you and you took off down the hall to the bathroom and totally didn't make it...good times...well, not for you.

Then Jenelly and me brought you a basket of goodies. Ahh...hope it made you feel better. :)