Monday, December 29, 2008

let my love open the door to your heart

{Christmas Sunday}

everyone says that their family is "da besssstt." "number one." "super duper."
i'm no stranger to these phrases.
my family is the bomb.
we do the coolest things together.
we have a blast together.
we love each other NO MATTER WHAT.
proof of our coolness, blastness, and loveness = our recent family reunion at Beaver Creek Lodge. the theme: let my love open the door to your heart (think: dan in real life).
let me take you on a picture journey through our fantastic time together. (makes me wish i was still there).

{welcome to the lodge. dozens of private rooms, a huge common room, a huge eating area...and so much more. what do you do there, you ask?}

{how bout a little foozeball?}

{or a joke by Uncle Mario? guaranteed to laugh...}

{or how bout spending some quality time together, Mr. M & Mimi?}

{or, better yet, how bout some latin aerobics, directed by the super fit Aunt Marianne?}

{tired yet?}

{how bout a nice morning stretch?}
{or a nice snuggle with Bela, Aunt Kris, and Dany?}

{Ohhhhh, you want to do something FUN. how bout playing in the snow?? well, you need to get your snow gear on for that....and that can get tricky. Bela is proof of that. snow gear is uber poofy. it often takes two to get decked out for the snow}

{it also often takes laying down flat. it's worth it though}

{don't forget your bandit mask, dad}

{mom, did you know you have wings sticking out of your bandit mask??}

{even babies need snow-gear}

{turns out, El's loves the snow}

{and Aunt Karen's kisses}

{Sean & Court made each other laugh a lot}

{and Mr. M was a trooper, even though combated the flu the entire trip}

{going out in the snow is an adventure with a 6-month old}

{El's loved sucking on her zipper}

{almost everyone enjoying the cold}

{Ellie loved Danyelle}

{and she loved getting to spend quality time with daddy...doing things like watching movies...}

{eating shoes...}

{she also loved being loved by little Denim}

{she did NOT, however, like waiting to open presents}

{but she liked to eat them when they were opened!}

{classic Christmas morning photo. i look wasted. ugh}

{notice the very sparse tree...wouldn't you think they could find a tree with a little more needles than that, seeing that we were in the mountains? never really understood that...}

{Ellie hung out in her pj's all day...and even borrowed Uncle Sean's hat. looked pretty good on her}

{in the mean time, it snowed all day. never seen so much snow in my life. see that trailer? that's just SOME of it. craziness}

{then there was the talent show. little Dany was a dancing flower}

{Mr. M, Alex & my mom played "let my love open the door"}

{Mimi shared her cuteness with all of us}

{and so did Bela}

{Andrew was a pirate}

{Livy was a Barbie girl (turns out, at our family talent show, the popular thing to do is dress up as something you're's like a big costume party)}
{Mimi and i shook our hot booties}

{and my mom blew us all away with her mad guitar skills. how does she do it?}

it was a fabulous Christmas...with much more than i posted...including delicious food, a white elephant exchange (aka YANKEE SWAP), games games games, wonderfully generous gifts, laughing, singing, dancing, wow, the list goes on. it was one of the best i can remember. sad it's over. but so grateful for the memories!



Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Oh Marci, I looove the pictures they are so cute! And Jon and I have our own "let my love open the door" theme! We'll have to tell you about it : ) Speaking of Jons, his birthday is Friday, is there any chance we could get an appearance from the loveliest of the lovelies sometime soon? I keep meaning to call sooooorry!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

P.S. I love how you guys did aerobics...totally embracing the Dan in Real Life theme! Love it..

Adrienne said...

looks like fun. we did a family reunion there once.

Clay Jenna and JJ said...

There is SO much that i love aout these pictures, like how in your "morning" stretch you have jeans on and everyone else pictured is in pajamma pants :) E's smile, just melts my heart. E in the baby bjorn I have one I put JJ in he wasnt a fan. I want him to be a fan....hopefully. I love your mom's hair wings and I love your cute little family!!!!! Looks like such a great Christmas!! I was so sad I didnt get to see you yesterday!! I would seriously love to see you and your little one before you leave for Cali:)

Linda said...

this was one of my top favorites too.
you are amazing to already post these pictures!!!! my new year's resolution... to be ore like YOU.
Besos! MOM

Megs said...

Fun post! Love all the pictures!

Amy said...

I love those pictures- looks like you guys had too much fun! Little E looks adorable in all of these pics, I love her little snow hat! I wish I could hear your mom play the guitar... I miss her beautiful voice! Glad you guys had such a wonderful Christmas!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh I love Dan In Real Life just about as much as that post. Can your family adopt me? So fun.

* Anne * said...

That's so fun that you all go somewhere together. That might be something we need to start. Glad your Christmas was Merry!

The Peterson's said...

Looks like good times! Happy New Years!