Friday, August 8, 2008

the WOW factor

tonight my mind just keeps thinking "wow."

here's why:

today is 8-8-08. wow.

almost finished with breaking dawn, the final book to the twilight saga. wow.

today, Ellie fell asleep in the car. wow.

2008 olympics began tonight. watched the opening ceremonies: wow.

we're all packed to drive home to utah from california TOMORROW. wow.

joshua was the first street dancer to win "america's favorite dancer" last night on SYTYCD. wow.

after 4 weeks of yucky white patches, single doses and double doses of nystatin, a 0 sugar diet (that has lasted about...2 days) on my part..ellie STILL has thrush. wow, WOW. (that deserves two).

NFL preseason games were on tonight. football already? wow.

summer ends for me today, as school meetings start for me next week. wow.

lots of WOWs.


ClaysJenna said...

Definitely all are WOW worthy!! She is so precious asleep!! So dang cute!! Let me know what you thought of Breaking Dawn! I really did like it:) LOVED that Joshua won! He was one of my favorite dancers and I was hoping for him!! Drive safe back to Utah!!

Lea Billings said...

Yea, you're coming back! Although, I'll be sad when we start meetings next week and you're not there. Please be on gchat so we can be saved from our boredom!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm sorry Ellie has thrush, that is soooo not fun. I wish had some tricks to help you, but... sorry. I'm glad you guys are coming home! Hopefully we can visit when we come down in October! I can't wait for Aiden to meet Ellie... he's totally gonna fall in love!

Nate said...

K, huge wow for the final chapter in the Twilight series! I'm probably the only guy that reads, and admits that he reads (and loves), those books, but I just finished it last night, and WOW.

ps, your darling baby is so stinking cute

pps, this is Nate. Morgan and I added you guys as friends on our blog, hope you don't mind :)

Jylaire said...

Sorry about the thrush! It's terrible! I passed it back and forth with both of my kids for almost 2 months while nursing them. I highly recommend Diflucan (a prescription) for immediate results, and acidophilous (or probiotics) so it doesn't happen again! I still need to read Breaking Dawn! Good luck with the trip home!

Davis and Quinton said...

i just got so depressed that i read your blog. i haven't had the chance to watch the season finale of SYTYCD yet....traveling. but he is my favorite! WOW is right...

Kris said...

yeah- wow - thrush. I don't envy you or Ellie! Good luck with that!

Linda said...

Life is full of WoWssssas. Isn't it? Indeed. You really should write a book some day... you have a way with words... and making me laugh. Yeah! I was wowed by the end of Breaking Dawn. I am excited for the Twilight movie! Maybe you want to come with MIMI and I?? Hope you get wowed today! ( In a good way of course)